It pays to meet in Colorado!


With all the pressure on meeting and event budgets with increased costs for nearly every line item, attendees’ desire for local experiences, and requirements from bosses and clients to prove return on investment, having a little financial help can be a dream come true. Let’s look at some of the incentives that are available for meeting in Colorado.

State’s Rebate Program

The $10 million Colorado Meeting & Events Incentive Program, a statewide program offered through the Colorado Tourism Office with help from partners like Destination Colorado Meetings came to an end on January 31 2024. After 36 months and 681 applications, all funding has been allocated.  The program provided pre-approved applicants with a 10% rebate (between $3,500 and $100,000) against the eligible hard costs of hosting meetings and events in Colorado.

Opportunities on the Local Level

Additional incentives for meeting in Colorado are available on the local level. One of the many benefits of working with destination marketing organizations is finding out about these incentives programs and free services provided to groups.


The Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) will reimburse a planner’s site visit airfare up to $700 when sourcing a qualifying program through the organization for distribution to participating Aspen properties. The RFP must be for a minimum of 20 sleeping room nights at one of these properties. The offer applies to RFPs submitted through December 31, 2024. Reimbursement for airfare will be extended to one representative per program, and restrictions may apply.

In addition, ACRA will offset travel (air and ground transportation) for groups sourcing a qualifying program through the organization that again is distributed to participating Aspen properties. The offset happens through The Good Traveler, a carbon offset program that works to restore environmental balance by keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Wilderness Workshop is the approved nonprofit partner of The Good Traveler that receives funds from participating groups’ travel to Aspen. For the initial launch of this program, ACRA has committed up to $10,000 in donations.


Visit Boulder offers pre-approved cash incentives based on a client’s total room block during the months of October thru April to offset meeting-related expenses, ranging from $500 for 25-50 total room nights booked to $4,000 for 351-400 total room nights booked. The sales team is available to discuss additional funding and services for groups with more than 400 rooms. To qualify, Boulder must be competing against another destination; a standard hotel contract must be utilized; and an official offer letter from Visit Boulder must be issued. Payout cannot be made to an individual person, a form W-9 is required. Visit Boulder reserves the right to end the incentive program at any time.

Fort Collins:

Or submit an RFP and book your next event through Visit Fort Collins and receive a free welcome reception or cash back based upon room-night consumption, availability, and time of year. Up to $1,000 is available for 50-100 room nights, $3,500 for 101-500 room nights, and $5,000 for more than 500 room nights. Visit Fort Collins reserves the right to not offer the incentive if the determined criteria is not met.

Colorado has long been a bucket-list destination for travelers and groups seeking a taste of the West, impressive communities, outstanding cuisine, abundant outdoor activities, and beautiful scenery. Combine these standout features with the added bonus of financial assistance local destination marketing organizations to make meeting in person a win-win for everyone involved.

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