Visit Ouray

Nestled amidst the captivating San Juan Mountains, Ouray, Colorado serves as an exceptional locale for hosting meetings and conferences. Embraced by a quaint small-town ambiance, this destination boasts a wide range of accommodations and a diverse range of venues, creating an unparalleled backdrop for any event. Whether orchestrating a small corporate retreat or organizing a larger conference, Ouray offers an array of options tailored to meet your requirements.

Guests can relish outdoor activities such as hiking, exploring waterfalls, and jeep tours against the backdrop of stunning scenery, all while immersing themselves in the town’s charming atmosphere—providing an ideal setting for networking and attending sessions. Whether you choose to elevate your next meeting or conference in the beauty of Colorado during the warmer months or indulge in winter wonderland activities like snowshoeing and ice climbing, Ouray ensures a well-rounded and captivating experience for all participants throughout every season.

Capacity300 People
Meeting Spaces15 unique venues
Largest Theatre150 People
Largest Classroom300 People
Largest Banquet300 People
Largest Reception300 People
Outdoor VenuesYes
Boardroom VenuesYes
Guest Rooms500+
Room ServiceYes
In-House CateringYes

Ouray, Colorado, presents a versatile selection of accommodations tailored for those planning business meetings or conferences. Choose from upscale hotels featuring modern amenities conducive to productive work sessions, providing a comfortable blend of business and leisure. Cozy cabins offer a serene environment for focused group discussions, while intimate bed and breakfasts ensure a personalized touch to enhance the overall meeting experience. Immerse yourself in Victorian-style lodging for a unique blend of historic charm and contemporary functionality. Amidst the options, properties situated around the therapeutic hot springs offer a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for fostering collaboration and team-building. Ouray’s diverse lodging choices cater specifically to the needs of business-oriented visitors, promising a seamless and productive stay for your next corporate event.

Getting married in Ouray, Colorado, provides a breathtaking backdrop for couples seeking a picturesque and memorable celebration. Nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Ouray offers a stunning blend of majestic peaks, cascading waterfalls, and charming Victorian architecture. Whether you’re planning an intimate affair or a grand celebration, this quaint mountain town caters to weddings of all sizes. Imagine exchanging vows in a charming mountain chapel or amidst the natural beauty of an outdoor venue with panoramic views. Ouray’s intimate atmosphere lends itself perfectly to small gatherings, allowing couples to create a personal and romantic experience. For larger weddings, the town offers a variety of venues, from historic hotels to rustic lodges, accommodating the needs of diverse guest lists. With its alluring landscapes and warm, welcoming community, Ouray, Colorado, promises to be an enchanting destination for couples embarking on the journey of marriage.