Sprague Lake, Estes Park

Sprague Lake, Estes Park

With Colorado scenery and amazing venues as the backdrop, don’t miss the opportunity to document your gathering with photos and videos. With the help of talented pros who can work behind the lenses while you coordinate the behind-the-scenes, arm meeting attendees and guests with memories to take home and to share with friends and colleagues on social media. For annual events, professional photography and video is especially helpful for promoting next year’s convention or meeting.

Ever tried to take your own indoor photos and were disappointed with glare or weren’t sure how to handle the dark lighting? Wanted to capture action photos during afternoon activities like snowshoeing or horseback riding but can’t be five places at once? Are you hosting a wedding or anniversary celebration at a quaint mountain lodge or a picturesque golf club where the images document an important moment in history? These are just a few of the many reasons to connect with a Colorado photographer or videographer to catch the moments in style.

Here are just a few ideas to make your Colorado photos and videos spectacular.

  • Tap into the beautiful four seasons. Time the event to coincide with the newness of spring, lush green and wildflowers of summer, fall splendor or the white canvas of winter.
  • Use unique features that shout Colorado like mountain vistas, ranch backdrops, scenic wonders like Garden of the Gods or Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve or urban landscapes like the distinct angles of the Denver Art Museum and historic downtowns in Fort Collins and Golden.
  • Find especially photographic spots at the venue selected or set up photo booths or places for attendees or guests to have their photos taken. Have a team or corporate mascot at the entrance to wow guests and snap their photos.
  • Have a videographer stationed in different places throughout the night to capture thoughts from guests about what it means to launch a new brand or to see loved ones celebrated.

Once the photos and video are taken, don’t forget to share and use them based on the ways outlined in the agreement with your photographer or videographer.

The beauty of both is that they bring Colorado events alive in ways that words cannot. Show the home office why the event was successful, demonstrate the possibilities of what can be done to a potential client and share the moment with family and friends. Great options are only a point and click away.