Colorado Winter Team Building Ideas

Watch this short fun video from our Member, Imprint Group, who has a special knack for creating programs for meetings and groups from their headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Contact them today to see what sort of team building ideas they can up with for you!

Thanks to Imprint Group for this great video!

Lauren Hines:  Hi. I’m Lauren Hines with Imprint Group, and welcome to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in sunny Colorado.  Some of my favorite outdoor winter team building activities are GPS-related and can take place at the base of a mountain, on hotel property, or offsite in a more mountainous setting. We can do these in a variety of formats with small or large groups. We can even do a rescue format using snowmobiles.

Emily Bonneau:  Hi I’m Emily Bonneau, also with Imprint. Just coming off the Winter Olympics (go, Team USA!), we’re producing a lot of our wacky team buildings with a fun Olympic twist. Things like ice skating, hockey, the Biathlon (that’s skiing and shooting, for those of you who don’t know), and everyone’s favorite, curling. We even throw in a little bobsled challenge to make things interesting.  Another one of our favorites is our giant skis. Good luck with those, people.

Lauren Hines:  If the outdoor elements are not your thing, then we have some indoor options, such as a Top Chef Chili Cook Off, Canvas and Cocktails, or even a Charity Giveback option, helping those in need. We also have some of our great team building programs based off of reality show such as Game Night, Minute to Win It, and The Amazing Race, which can take place indoors or outdoors.  Lastly, I will add that even just partaking in a group activity such as tubing, taking attendees snowmobiling, ice skating, snowshoeing, et cetera, serves as a great team bonding opportunity to bring your team together, especially in a gorgeous setting like the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.