Destination Colorado Focus on Transportation For Groups

Destination Colorado Focus On: Transportation For Groups

By Mike Wolf, Presidential Worldwide Transportation

When it comes to transportation, the experience can make or break your program. It is typically the first interaction for attendees, whether it is an airport transfer or event transfer — and the first impression is a lasting one. Most likely, transportation will then be the last impression they will have of the program. This fast-paced environment, where travel plans change quickly, can be hard to manage. Doing it right will go miles in the overall success of the entire program. What makes transportation service high quality?  Here are six simple, yet important, tips that are crucial to ensure a successful transportation program:

  1. Availability – A transportation service must have a dispatcher on duty 24/7/365. A live person answering the phone is a must! This allows you the most up-to-date information.
  2. Experience – A good transportation company will have a dedicated groups/manifest division. Strong planning, coordination skills, thorough and attention to every detail are key. A company’s experience should weigh heavier then price in deciding your transportation provider.
  3. References – Will the company provide you with references that you can call or email?
  4. Pricing – Make sure you have all-inclusive pricing. Gratuities, taxes, airport fees, toll road fees and fuel surcharges all need to be included.
  5. Appearance – This may seem like a minor detail but should not be overlooked. What is the uniform for the on-site staff and drivers? Are the staff employees or are they independent contractors?
  6. Insurance – Make sure you are supplied a Certificate of Insurance.

In the end, not hearing about the transportation is often the sign of a job well done!