Colorado Offers Peak Benefits for Incentive Travel

by Rhonda Brewer

An estimated 40 percent of U.S. businesses now use incentive travel to reward and engage their top performing employees, salespeople and partners. It would be difficult to imagine an incentive travel destination with more to offer than Colorado.

The benefits of incentive travel are many and proven when designed correctly.  And “designed” is the right word. Incentive travel events are occasions, and you must rise to them! These are not typical meetings or events. Well-executed incentive travel experiences can motivate and inspire staff, foster loyalty and dedication, help a business achieve its goals, forge stronger team dynamics and actually deliver more appreciated benefits than cash rewards.

The goal of incentive travel is to create a unique, authentic, exceptional experience that those who are lucky enough to attend will remember and talk about for the rest of their lives. The expectations are high, but so are the risks if you fall short of making an impact. The best way to avoid that is to partner with a trusted destination management company (DMC) that can not only create a unique vision tailored for your group, but also has the local relationships, experience and resources in your chosen destination to deliver it.

Unique features like this sweet bar make an incentive trip stand out. Courtesy RMC.

RMC: Resorts, Mountains, Cities was founded over 28 years ago with the original name of Rocky Mountain Connections in the heart of Colorado. Today, RMC has grown into the largest privately-owned DMC in North America and a top 25 destination management and special events company in the world. Here are some things we have learned about the unique appeal of Colorado over these three decades of planning incentive trips here for our clients.

Colorado is a destination where most guests become emotionally connected. When guests experience the outdoor splendor of the mountains and the warmth of Colorado, they form an emotional connection to the natural beauty around them. The air feels cleaner and they can breathe more deeply. Visitors are able to relax on a deeper level than many have ever been able to do anywhere else. It’s addictive!

Outdoor jeep excursion through the mountains to a private home. Courtesy RMC.

Colorado is one of the few states to offer four seasons of sunshine. Most people going on an incentive trip want “sun and fun” so they can completely enjoy their incentive. Colorado has this in all four seasons. You don’t find this many other places, and it gives visitors the opportunity to fully experience the great outdoors regardless of the time of year, which makes scheduling less of a hassle.

Colorado offers some of the most unique activities and destination locations in the nation. A corporate incentive trip to Colorado is guaranteed to rise above the mundane to create a memorable impact, whether attendees are enjoying stunning natural scenery, engaging in a rugged outdoor adventure or taking part in some unique combination of all the state offers. Meetings go from ordinary to inspirational here with luxury hotels and resorts, a huge variety of outdoor activities, urban nightlife options, historic attractions, majestic beauty, world-class cuisine and so much more.

Luxury Ski Week event a St. Regis Aspen. Courtesy RMC.

Colorado offers the convenient juxtaposition of different experiences. In Colorado, you can hike through rugged outdoor terrain, and then relax and enjoy pampering in a posh spa resort before heading into the big city for sophisticated dining, shopping and nightlife—all in the same day. A wide variety of activities that appeal to different audiences are abundant and conveniently accessible.

An exclusive venue in Aspen, Colorado. Courtesy RMC.

Colorado offers something for everyone. The natural beauty and range of activities available are what make this state a top destination for incentive travel, one that many groups request and return to year after year.

As President of RMC, Rhonda Brewer applies 30 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry to drive innovation and growth for the company.