Email Marketing for Events

Email drip marketing campaigns are a highly valuable marketing tool for meeting and event planners. It is important to understand that meeting email campaigns are unique as they are designed to promote a one-time event.

Are you all set to design an email campaign for a large business meeting, convention, trade show or event? To begin with, understand that you’re trying to attract enough interest in your audience about the event so they may be inspired to attend it.

Are you wondering if an email campaign is a winning strategy? It is! According to a feature in Lifewire, close to 269 billion emails are estimated to have been sent each day in the year 2017. And, that makes email the most valuable event marketing strategy out there.

But, the question is, how do you tap into this amazing resource?

The answer is simple. Target the audience you know is interested in the event you’re organizing. And, that means sending emails to the subscribers that have voluntarily signed up with their names and email addresses to receive your newsletters.

At the same time, you need to be aware of the reality of ad blocking software and low click-through rates. For this reason, you need an email marketing campaign that captures the interest and curiosity of the reader with a series of short messages.

Given the high probability of your readers using a mobile device to check emails, you’ll need the message to be powerful enough to remain with the readers long after the few seconds they’ve spent “scanning” through the message.

Yes, that’s another reality. No one ever really reads such emails carefully.

In other words, you need to create an instant emotional connection that will make your audience take the time out of their busy schedules to show up for your event.

How to Design the Perfect Email Drip Marketing Campaign

The perfect email marketing campaign entices your readers to open the message and read it in place of directing it to the trash can. Your best bet is to have an interesting email template that provides information seamlessly.

State facts simply and clearly. Like, for instance, mention the names of the keynotes and their speakers, and the meeting schedule distinctly. If your reader is interested enough to want to attend, he should not have to search for the time, date, and venue.

Make sure that all other information pops out, and that includes contact details in case the reader has questions. Mention any giveaways at the meeting (people love freebies!).

Design your template so that it is compatible with a mobile device and add graphics that display easily on the small screen. Add marketing integration tracking to learn the user’s movement and interest through the email, landing page and website. This creates better data on what your audience likes.

Email Campaign Design Tips
Tip: Create a landing page for the event and update this frequently.
Tip: Create a memorable event specific email template.
Tip: Design with the mobile user in mind.
Tip: Create graphics that can be re-purposed on other channels like Facebook.
Tip: Integrate marketing automation to track user activity and interest.

How to Choose the Right Content to Keep Readers Interested

When writing the content of the email, craft it in such a way that readers are enticed towards further messages, in other words, email funnels. Use first names to create an instant bond of personalization. Generic addresses always miss the mark.

Refrain from the urge to ramble on about the positives of the meeting. Just touch upon the main features like the main speakers and the ensuing events. Shorter emails always have a higher likelihood of being read properly.

Here are few more essentials. Proofread the email for spelling and grammatical errors that may take away from the credibility of the piece. Add links to your website for more information about the meeting and again, design it with images and fonts that integrate well with mobile phones.


Content Creation Tips
Tip: Writing style is 1st person, speak directly to the user.
Tip: Keep emails short, two paragraphs maximum.
Tip: Highlight key speakers, events and parties.
Tip: Hire a copywriter that specializes in email funnels.
Tip: Every email should include a “what next teaser” about what the next email will reveal.

How to Ensure You Get the Results You’re Looking For? Add a CTA

Once you’ve evoked enough interest and curiosity in the minds of your prospective attendees, finish the email with a gentle nudge in the right direction. And, that includes getting them to click through to the website landing page to get more information.

Given that this is a meeting we’re talking about, add an opt-in box where they can get tickets for the event. Or, maybe, sign up as an attendee. You could also urge them to share details with friends and colleagues who may be interested in the event. Use your subject lines to talk about the prizes that will be awarded or a lucky dip contest.

The important thing is to get your reader to take some kind of action before clicking out of the page. Hence the Call to Action (CTA)!


Call To Action (CTA) Tips
Tip: Encourage readers to revisit the landing page to get updates.
Tip: Promote your Facebook page to build your audience.
Tip: Integrate social media sharing and “send to a friend” in email.
Tip: Include a contest / giveaway with prizes awarded pre, during and post event.
Tip: Write short, interesting attention grabbing subject lines!

How to Promote Your Email Event

Splash information about your event in all the social media possible. And, that includes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and all the others possible. If you can create videos where you have the speakers and sponsors talking about how much they’re looking forward to the event, that would be great.

Running a contest on Facebook where you’re giving away a free pass to the meeting also evokes curiosity in the minds of readers. In addition, get your vendors and sponsors to advertise the event on their social media pages. Use all the channels possible to push your meeting into the limelight.


Email Promotion Tips
Tip: Ignore double opt-in for Registered Participants and place directly in campaign.
Tip: Advertise on Facebook and guide traffic to your landing page.
Tip: Ask featured vendors, speakers, and sponsors to promote your event on their channels.
Tip: Use the contest portion to build your social media following by offering additional incentives.
Tip: Create a video that is optimized for the event and drive viewers back to your landing page.

Importance of an Emotion-Evoking Conclusion

For your email campaign to have the right impact, make sure your message has stirred some emotion in the reader. For instance, you could aim for excitement for the event or maybe, warmth or that feeling people have when they miss out on an exciting event. If your email campaign can touch an emotional cord in the reader, that’s what ensures its success! And, the success of the meeting or event you’re organizing!