DMC, DMO, CVB… What’s The Difference?

By Stacy Daeffler


When it comes to meeting planning, planners have several resources available to them in terms of tourism organizations.


CVB’s, or Convention & Visitor Bureaus are non profit organizations, and they are the quintessential source of information on hotels, attractions and service providers in their area.  Their services are typically free to meeting planners, and their mission is to promote their destination and book meetings/events to stimulate their economy.

DMO’s (Destination Marketing Organizations) are essentially the same as CVB’s but identify themselves differently in order to be more descriptive and to bring action to their community.  For example, “Visit Denver” or “Meet Minneapolis”.

According to Wikipedia, a DMC (Destination Management Company) is a term for a professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.  DMC’s are hired to “manage” your destination and event, inclusive of transportation and activities.

So then… what is Destination Colorado?  We say, sort of all of the above!  We are a non profit organization that acts as a CVB for the state of Colorado in terms of groups.  We represent over 115 suppliers across our beautiful state and help to connect you with hotels, transportation and service providers, a/v vendors, team building experts, CVB’s, DMO’s and DMC’s who are top notch in their area of expertise.  Trust us to guide you in coordinating your next meeting or event, and submit an RFP when you’re ready to start planning!