Corporate Team Building Can Help Your Corporate Culture

It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado. My name’s Jay Irwin, I am the CEO of CBST Adventures. The key things that we do, provide experiential leadership to companies, team building, outdoor adventure based team building with a purpose. We also do community impact work.

When companies come out with us, what they’re looking for is their teams to work better, to have more trust, to communicate and collaborate better. Now the beauty of experiential leadership if you think about it, it’s the whole idea that you’re getting outside and you’re being put into situations where the metaphors of nature reinforce the lessons that you’re learning in the classroom and by the books.

We’re not a cookie cutter solution. We talk to the customer. We understand their needs, and we custom build our solutions for what it is that they’re wanting.

With our experiential leadership courses, we’ve got up to 75 different strategic challenges that we can enter in to those courses. Those types of challenges build so much trust within teams and really bond them in such a great way.

When we put together a challenge in the back country, those true metaphors of nature, lightening and wind, you can look back and say how many times at work have we had struggle where we’ve had to go after things? There might be a certain amount of positive conflict that they have to engage in. Come on, how many of us have ever had conflict at work? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to model and role play that kind of conflict out in the back country where it would really matter? That’s the type of thing that we put out into real life that people are able to see and say, “How can I apply that to my job? How can I apply that to my relationships at home or in the workplace?”

The healing power of nature and the connecting power of nature. We believe in it. We know what it feels like and it really highlights trust, positive conflict, commitment, accountability and results.

I’d like you to think about how this would impact your team at work, you’re out adventuring with your team, building trust, working on communication and collaboration, sharing your vulnerability and establishing that common purpose. We can bring your team to that next level and we can help transform your team through adventure.