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You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Sometimes it’s necessary to look at things from a different perspective. In business, breaking the normal routine and shaking things up a bit is a good way to reinvigorate your staff, and corporate or executive business retreats might be the answer.

Many successful companies have benefitted from breaking out of the boardroom for their executive business retreats. A business or corporate retreat can remove normal distractions and put your team in a place to look at things from a different perspective. Incorporating fun events and activities into your schedule can help keep things light during off hours and lets your employees know that you care about their overall joy and mental health.

Colorful Colorado is one of the most picturesque and inspiring locations in North America. The laid-back ethos of the entire state allows your team to slow down, think differently and discover innovative new business insights. The unmatched beauty and freshness of the Rocky Mountains can immediately brighten eyes and lift spirits. From rustic mountain destinations to chic and contemporary downtown Denver, there’s a location for all moods and preferences.

Work and Play in Colorado

How you divide your time between work and play is up to you. Industry experts estimate the average business retreats consist of about 80 percent work and 20 percent leisure time. However, some companies opt for a more balanced schedule of business and relaxation – more like a 50/50 split. Whatever your work-play schedule, Colorado can accommodate your needs.

The other big plus is diversity – both in meeting spaces, lodging and things to do. Not only are there sizable meeting spaces around metro Denver, but smaller destination towns like Golden, Boulder and Colorado Springs offer up-to-date facilities with the latest technology. There are larger meeting spaces that have over 20,000 square feet of function space, exquisite ballrooms for upscale events, and smaller breakout rooms for more intimate sessions.

When it comes to lodging, accommodations run the gamut from historic Old West hotels that have been modernized with all of today’s modern amenities to contemporary luxury hotels with on-site dining, ski-in and ski-out guest rooms, full-service spas and top-rating fine dining experiences. Some hotels are only minutes from exciting hiking and biking trails, many with awe-inspiring views.

Colorado is Inspiring for All Seasons

Many executive teams have come together and strived to new heights during a Colorado work session. The Rocky Mountains are one of America’s most inspiring locations, and cities like Denver and Colorado Springs provide unique, first-class experiences with multiple options for all likes and tastes.

A conference or meeting in Colorado is a remarkable experience any time of year. The state has adventures galore for all four seasons. Spring begins with the return of beautiful, native Columbine flowers as the Rocky Mountain snow melts and the rivers fill to capacity. Adventurous rafters, hikers and bikers salivate at the many avenues of excitement that await.

As spring turns to summer, the many golf courses of the Rockies come to life, and unique summer activities like horseback riding, tennis, disc golf and hot air ballooning take flight. Alpine coasters whisk riders down the mountain at blazing speeds. The summers are alive with music, smiles and laughter at numerous festivals ranging from beer gardens to summer concerts.

During the summer, guest ranches in Durango, Estes Park, Granby and Gunnison give visitors the opportunity to explore the terrain on horseback, tend to the animals, and enjoy an authentic bonfire and cookout. The authentic taste of the Old West is outfitted perfectly for a 21st Century business meeting – complete with modern meeting facilities and reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi.

The fall colors of the Rockies are something to behold. Late summer and early October are the ideal time to see the leaves transform from green to magical hues of yellow, orange and gold. An easy drive through the mountains will display a beautiful blanket of colors, no matter where you go.

When the snow arrives is when Colorado truly stands apart. The state’s long list of world-famous ski resorts is astounding – Aspen, Snowmass, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, Winter Park and Telluride. Off the mountain, apres-ski happenings and exciting nightlife keep guests entertained into the wee hours. The mountains are a place to play, relax, unwind and be pampered – with tranquil spas, five-star dining and luxury accommodations.

Planning Your Executive Retreat

There are a few different scenarios in which a business or corporate retreat might be appropriate. If you want to take your team away from home for a business trip, you must keep in mind that your employees have a family and life outside of work. Therefore, it’s important to be sensitive when planning a team conference. Here are a few of the more common motives for a business or corporate excursion.

Launching a New Project or Venture

There’s no better way to get your team excited about a new project than taking time for executive business retreats to discuss matters in-depth. Tell your team about the new venture beforehand, or keep things quiet for a big reveal at an exotic location. Either way, you’re sure to get everyone’s attention. Nothing says you’re committed to a project more than kicking things off with a destination meeting. And new surroundings are the perfect place to inspire your crew to look at things from a fresh perspective.

An Existing Project That’s Overwhelming

Do you have a current project that’s getting bogged down? Stuck in a rut? Busting down the boardroom walls might be the answer. If your business is deeply committed to an endeavor, sometimes it’s important to take a step back, look at the broad scope, and re-evaluate the situation before diving back in. If your team suffers from groupthink, you can often make bad decisions. A new environment can often stimulate new ideas that can benefit the organization and the bottom line.

Laying Out Your Long-Term Plans

A destination meeting to discuss long-term planning can give your upper-level employees the comfort of knowing the company is going to be around for a while. Getting out of the regular offices for a get-together promotes innovative thinking and inspiration when considering the months and years to come. A team retreat allows you to lay out your future and reward your staff for their efforts at the same time.

Why Destination Colorado?

At Destination Colorado, our member base is extensive. We can assist you in finding the right local destination marketing organizations like convention and visitor bureaus, tourism offices, chambers of commerce and destination management companies. It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing a few key employees or the entire team, there are beautiful spaces around the state that can accommodate you.

Our member properties are ready to be an extra set of hands to assist in a variety of ways. Tap our local expertise to find the best fit for lodging, meeting and event space, activities and entertainment in Colorado. We even have pre- and post-meeting options for attendees to extend their stay in the mountains, the city or someplace completely unique like a dude ranch or overnight outdoor adventures.

Many of our country’s top companies have experienced what we have to offer with raving reviews. Join us in Colorado! Some of the nation’s top businesses have seen great success with a Colorado event. Let us help you.