Colorado for Business Retreats

I don’t know about you, but, when I hear the word retreat, I think of being outdoors, with a group of people. Being outdoors. Doing something fun. Using my outside voice. Doing something that I’ve never done before. Going back to the office with a fresh perspective.
Hi. I’m Clay Perry, with the Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau, director of group sales. I think Colorado and Boulder are a great place to have your business retreat. It’s great weather, low humidity, no bugs, and, it’s gorgeous here. You got ropes courses, bike paths to cruise down, farms to volunteer on, kitchens to cook in, mountains to ski, and everything in between. We’ve got all that here, in Boulder.
We’d love the opportunity to host your organization or company on a business retreat. Planning meetings shouldn’t be as hard as climbing a mountain. So, give us a call. Give any of us a call. We’re happy to make it happen. Come use your outside voice.