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Colorado is one of the fittest states in the country. Recently, the Centennial State was ranked the nation’s eighth healthiest state in an annual review by United Health Foundation, coming out on top for the lowest percentage of obese adults and adults who have not participated in physical activity in the past 30 days.

Health and wellness are a way of life and can be built into meetings and events in a wide variety of ways. One great way is to build exercise into gatherings, as it’s a great way for attendees and guests to interact as well as to get the blood flowing and brain ready for meetings. Offer complimentary sessions of yoga before sessions start and build in athletic options of various levels if activities are part of a business or social gathering. In Colorado, there is an endless supply of options like hiking, walking, golf, tennis, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and more. Make it easy for people to work out by not jam-packing the schedule from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and by providing information about nearby trails, walking paths and on-site workout facilities if available.

Just breathing fresh air versus being inside all day is good for the spirit. If possible, offer opportunities to go out onto a patio for breaks, lunch or a reception. Sometimes it works well to have a cocktail party on the veranda and head inside for a meal. As mentioned earlier, Colorado is an outdoorsy state and there are many outdoor activities to plug into. Even if some in the group aren’t into athletics, do an outdoor walking tour of historic sites or between restaurants for a foodie tour.

Spa treatments are a huge treat. Even if that isn’t part of the budget, see if a hotel’s on-site spa would offer a special for your group’s stay. Or build in mini-massage or facials for a less-expensive option, and sponsored chair massages during a trade show are a welcome respite from sitting in chairs most of the day. For social groups like wedding parties and sporting events, trips to the spa are a natural fit.

The 27 hot springs facilities across the state, including the newest and also the largest options both located in Glenwood Springs, are terrific options for groups wanting to integrate health and wellness into gatherings. It’s also a great place to sit and relax together, prompting conversation. Some hot springs facilities have lodging and meeting space, providing a special place to gather and stay.

For an executive or team meeting, consider building in a wellness retreat for one or two of the days and survey participants about interests to come up with activities and a schedule. There also are yoga and wellness festivals in Telluride and other Colorado locations that can be scheduled around. Colorado has its fair share of world-class athletes who can share their stories as part of a small or large meeting and perhaps join in on some of the activities.

Healthy cuisine, including meals and snacks, also is an important part of the equation. Many Colorado hotels, resorts and restaurants are very dialed into preparing nutritious and fresh options, utilizing as many local ingredients as possible and sometimes even raising their own produce and herds.

When attendees and guests feel good, they plug into meetings and social occasions  better and will remember their Colorado experience for years to come.