Care For Colorado

Care for Colorado Toolkit

The Colorado Tourism Office partnered with Leave No Trace to create the seven Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles as a direct response to concerns about visitor impacts on our cultural and natural resources. Our goal is to encourage widespread adoption and awareness of this messaging by communities, residents, and visitors, empowering everyone to protect the experiences they love in Colorado.

When using the toolkit you must be a Care for Colorado Coalition Partner and adhere to the Conditions of Use listed at the bottom of this page. For questions, contact Kaiti Jacobson.

A wooden sign in a forest reads "Colorado Tourism Office" and "Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics." Below, text says "Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles" with a link to see expanded principles.
Person surfing on a wave with mountains in the background. Caption reads: "Draft Brand Book - Download Assets.
Mountain landscape with wildflowers in the foreground. Caption reads, "Custom Print Ads 8.5"x11". Download Assets.
Person wearing a green jacket and backpack walking on a trail surrounded by yellow-leaved trees in autumn. Text at the bottom reads: "Trailhead Signage 11"x17" - PDF. Download Assets.
Purple and white flowers with green leaves in the background, with text overlay: "Map Module 4"x6" - JPG" and "Download Asset.
A person bathing in a natural hot spring surrounded by flowers and rocky terrain. A brochure download option for a 16"x22" PDF is overlayed on the image.
A starry night sky with the Milky Way visible above a landscape with trees and a silhouette of a vehicle. Text at the bottom reads "Stickers - AI" with a "Download Assets" link.
A group of people wearing backpacks hike along a trail through a lush, colorful meadow with mountains in the background.

Conditions of Toolkit Use

None of the materials in the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) toolkits can be altered or customized in any way without the CTO’s consent, including the addition or subtraction of:

  • Logos
  • Text
  • Punctuation
  • Images

The toolkit includes several assets that are designed to be customized for partners by the CTO.  All customization will be executed by the CTO. The assets available for customization and the areas for customization are specified in this toolkit. To customize these assets, please reach out to [email protected] and include the asset you would like customized, your logo and the copy you would like included.

It is a violation of use of the Colorado Tourism Office’s materials if you are:

  • Removing the CTO logo from any of the materials.
  • Altering any part of the CTO logo (includes colors, size, shape and text)
  • Repurposing the toolkit principles to fit your own organization (example: [Insert City Name]’s Care for Colorado Principles).
  • Posting any of the above on your website or social channels without crediting CTO.

To use the Colorado Tourism Office’s toolkits responsibly you can: 

  • Reference the copyrighted campaign principles in text — the principles should never be labeled as Rules, but always as principles or guidelines; they should always be referred to as the “[name of campaign] Principles.”
  • Reference the full campaign name in the text, the name should always be spelled out — for example, Do not use LNT or Leave-No-Trace, instead of Leave No Trace.
  • Reprint the Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles in your visitor guide or include them in your Welcome packet – email us if you need different sizes for this purpose.
  • Work with CTO to customize portions of the toolkit for your destination/organization
  • Share toolkit content on your website and social channels, crediting the Colorado Tourism Office and Other partners involved in individual campaigns.
  • Print the principles and posters and post them in your visitor center or other welcome areas.
  • Print material from the toolkit to hand out to guests.