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Group Planning for Sporting Events

Groups and teams from all over the world converge on Colorado for its abundance of sporting events all year long. It’s a busy sports scene with all the athletes circulating around the state at various competitions and tournaments.

Travel for sports competitions for adults and youth is at an all-time high in Colorado because of its favorable weather, awesome facilities, travel convenience and exceptional support. The state has tons of top-notch arenas, fields, courts, courses, trails, gyms, ski resorts and other athletic facilities that have played host to many championships and special tournaments.

Types of Colorado Sports Events 

From individual sports like marathons and triathlons to team sports and rodeos, there are terrific facilities across Colorado from which to choose. In the past, Colorado has hosted clubs, teams and league organizers with a variety of events like:

  •       Baseball Tournaments
  •       Bike Races
  •       Cheerleading Competitions and Camps
  •       Dance Meets
  •       Hockey Tournaments
  •       Marathons and Other Foot Races
  •       Rodeos
  •       Softball Tournaments
  •       Swim Meets
  •       Ski Races
  •       Snowboard Competitions
  •       Triathlons

Lodging Options for Colorado Sports Events

There are lodging properties, restaurants and attractions available to make travel for sports groups as cost-effective, comfortable and simple as possible. It’s always more fun to stay as a team or along with others competing in the same race, game, match or meet. Plus, booking as a group can save money!

There are hotels and restaurants that will allow you to reserve a private dining space in advance, so you can get the entire team together. That way you won’t have to wait for seating when you get there. The staff will have the tables ready and expect your arrival so there’s not a lot of waiting around. Staff also can help make sure meals are healthy and satisfying.

Lots to Do During Down Times

Around the state, there’s lots to do when you’re not on the field or court (or sitting in the stands watching). Use a day or evening off to hit local attractions or celebrate a victory or the completion of a race or tournament in style. Families will enjoy the state’s many attractions like

  •       Amusement Parks
  •       Hot Springs
  •       Concerts and Festivals
  •       Historic Districts and Points of Interest
  •       Live Music
  •       Mini-Golf
  •       Museums
  •       Outlet Shopping
  •       Shopping Malls
  •       Water Parks
  •       Zoos

Check out what festivals and other events are happening locally before heading to a sporting event to take the road trip beyond the competition. Toast a victory or a job well done with a local brew, wine or spirit or a relaxing treatment in one of the state’s world-class spas.

Convention and visitor bureaus, tourism offices and Chambers of Commerce are all great sources of local information and can steer sports groups in the right direction for accommodations, dining, shopping, entertainment and more.