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Whether posing for a group photo or begging for a group hike, the Flatirons are a popular place on the front range. Consisting of a conglomerate of sandstone, the Flatirons are a rock formation near Boulder. Named by pioneer women who used flat irons to press their clothes, the famous foothills provide varied hiking and climbing routes including bouldering and technical climbs.  An ubiquitous symbol of the city of Boulder, the Flatirons on Green Mountain seemingly change color depending on weather conditions and time of day, offering photographers an interesting and ever changing subject.  Visiting here as a group during a meeting or used as a backdrop for a wedding or reception, the Flatirons provide a dramatic view for business or leisure groups visiting Boulder.

Rock climbing is a popular sport in this park, with visitors from all over the state and the world testing their skills. Take part or just observe. There are several trails available to hike for those not inclined to climb the rocks, including the Flatirons Vista Trail – a loop trail of moderate difficulty winding through the rocks and meadows.  Dogs are allowed on most trails leashed, as are mountain bikes and even equestrians.  The area is also known for its wheelchair accessibility. Closely tied to Chatauqua – a National Historic Landmark consisting of parks, meadows, trails, and historic buildings – several of the Flatirons trail heads begin at the Ranger Station in Chatauqua. The trails vary in difficulty due to length and elevation climb (some more than 2,000 feet), speak with the Ranger before embarking. A visit to Boulder would not be complete without experiencing their most iconic geological feature.

Visitors are welcome year round however during the warmer months the trails are more popular, as terrain can be treacherous with lingering ice and snow in winter and early spring.  Parking and thus access to the park is closed 11pm to 5 am.